What - for whom? This kind of breath- and voicework appeals to anyone taking an interest. Breath being closely connected to many different body functions, the scope of possible applications is very wide and includes e.g. the relief of stress in a constriction of the upper body, the building of resources and toning to counteract fatigue, the promotion of concentration, and generally being better in touch with one's body and emotions. Breathwork, looking specifically and in depth at the respective technique, offers stimulation and support for all professions relying on the capacities of breath and voice. There should be a continuity, engaging with this work, over a certain period of time, so that the desired process can actually be set in motion.  


Breath experience: Prof. Ilse Middendorf, who coined the term, speaks of breathexperience to refer to the breath we can observe without consciously interfering. The human will comes into play in order to execute a particular motion sequence. The breath thus evolving is uncontrolled by the will. Once we observe this breath, we can speak of breathexperience.


The goal of breathwork is an alert and well-toned body in which the natural movement of breathing can be experienced unhindered by muscular and mental blockages. The person is addressed here in a holistic way, in the context of their physical, social, emotional and spiritual references. 


Tone indicates the continuous, passive state of tension which carries a living organism. All healthy muscles have this tension inside them, it is not the result of active muscle work. In tired, or little used muscles this continuous tension has decreased. There is an obvious connection between full body tension, or tone, and breathing. When we change the basic tension in the body, the breathing will change as well. 


Atem-Tonus-Ton®: This method is a physical-mental way of developing the voice. The lookout of this method is based on sensing and feeling the movements unfolding within the body, so-called inner movements, during sound production. 


Breath volume: Breath is an energy carrier. By turning our sensitive attention to breathing, we strengthen our energetic  potential. Thanks to energizing, breath volume can take on a variety of appearances, not just deep and long breaths.